Don Johnson

27/06/2019 20:22:29
I DID make bellows for a MIDI version of John Smith's Busker using Mervyn's method. I found construction easy, and it certainly supplies lots and lots of air! My only problem was accidentally sticking the top bellows on the wrong way.
I had to use a thin Japanese saw to detach the top bellows before sticking it back on the correct way round, I wished I had followed Melvyn's suggestion of putting cardboard 'gaskets' between the three bellows.cry

john smith

27/06/2019 18:47:09
I am currently making a small light weight 32 note, has anyone built the Melvyn bellows as I am thinking of giving them a try ???relaxed


26/06/2019 19:15:22
What do you think of this feature?rolling eyes